Times People Got Back Drivers Who Parked Unlawfully in the Most Perfect Way

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We have all come across a parked car that makes us wonder what on earth the driver was thinking when they willingly left their car situated in the way that it is. While most of us would just ignore them, find another parking somewhere else, and carry on with our day, there are a select few that feel the best way to handle the situation is to teach the bad parker a lesson.

Below are 20 of the best parking revenge pictures that showed that people had had enough of bad parking.

20. A Trashy Situation


While we would love to know the story behind this, it was clear that someone was truly angered by the way that this driver had parked. Luckily, they happened to have around 40 smelly trashcans that were overflowing with garbage. And they thought the best possible way to teach this bad driver a lesson was to make them have to move all these bins to be able to get to their car.


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